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made a mistake or need to amend entry? 

​Did you make a mistake when you were entering or do you need to change to another category? (long to short, pedal to shuttle, wrong spelling, amend DOB)?:
 We know that mistakes happen and we are happy to help, 2W participants can amend there details up until 14 days prior to the race in question. No changes will be accepted within this 14 day period. To note this is not transferring your entry to another person, if you wish  to transfer, please click on this link  and follow the instructions
Conditions of amends

  • The athlete MUST fill out the form below.

  • Refunds will incur a $NZD withdrawal fee as detailed below –
    – Up to 2 weeks from the event date = $30
    – No refunds within 2 weeks of the event.

  • Entries are only transferable to the next race in the season prior to 1 week from event date. Transfers to a later event are subject to availability and will incur a $30 NZD (incl. GST) administration fee.

  • Riders may only change their event category if capacity allows. Changes of event category will incur a $30 NZD administration fee regardless.  

  • An admin fee of $30 for any category amends or withdraws from a race for any reason 

  • Entries are not transferable from the last race from one season to the first race of the next season.

  • We will make amends within 5 days of receiving the information and email once they are processed

  • Transfer can only be made to the same or lesser distance event there may be additional charges (if you change fro non shiuttle to shuttled)

  • If you require a minor change like a spelling mistake we can make this without any admin fee up until 14 days from the event

How to amend

  1. The athlete wishing to amend/change their entry must fill out the form below with all necessary details for our team to make the changes

  2. We will then send the you an email once changes have been processed.

PLEASE NOTE: UNLAWFUL RESALE OF ENTRY - As stated in the event terms and conditions you are not legally permitted to give your entry to another person or sell your entry to a third party regardless of the circumstances unless the above process has been completed and authorised by the event management.

Thanks! Message sent.

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