Giant 2W  
Covid-19 FAQ

  • Race 1 -  rescheduled to 10 April 2022

  • Race 2 -  rescheduled to 14 May 2022

  1. How will I know if a race will go ahead or not?

If we are in a lockdown or the Government has forecasted a lock down date we will do our best to ensure you are very well informed.  Given the current environment, things can change very quickly right up until race day. We recommend that you continue to monitor your emails and our Facebook page for updates. 

  2. Why the earlier than planned announcement for rescheduling 'Race 2'

80% of riders in the 2W come from out of town. We felt that we had enough information to make an educated assessment this far enough out from the event.  We are mindful that those who are travelling require as much buffer as possible for planning your visit, and with the new traffic light system and vaccination certification coming into play over the next few weeks, pushing the event out makes a lot of sense.  There are about 650 riders at every round these days, and we want to ensure we can get you as many of you safely participating as possible...not just 100 of you! 

  3. Race 2 has been rescheduled to 14 May 2022  - WHAT ARE YOUR OPTIONS?

If you are happy to roll with the rescheduled date you can sit back and relax - you have 185 “days of gains” to train for the now 14 May 2022 Race!

If you are unable to make the new Race date (14 May 2022) – DON’T WORRY, WE HAVE OPTIONS FOR YOU!

Simply make contact with our team before 5pm on Sun 21 Nov by clicking on the option that best suits your scenario below: 

  • Option 1: 100% refund of entry fee (less processing fees). If you have a Full Season Entry, then we will calculate a proportional refund of the Race 2 fee for you. No withdrawal fee will be applied (waiving the usual $30 fee). This option ends at 5pm on 21 Nov 2021 Click here

  • Option 2: Rider transfers the entry to a friend. $30 Transfer fee will apply. Click here 

  • Option 3: Rider receives a race credit for entry into Feb 19 or Feb 20 of the 2021/22 season (based on availability) or Race 1 of the next season (2022/2023). No transfer fees apply. This option ends 5pm on 21 Nov 2021. Click here

Important note:

Options 1 & 3 will be available for a minimum of 10 days after any rescheduling announcement. After that period as indicated above, standard Terms and Conditions will once again apply

  4. What happens if the event cancels (indefinitely) as a result of Covid-19 related challenges?

We plan to do everything we can to ensure the race runs, and rescheduling is our preferred option. But there is a point within the last few days leading into the event where hard costs have accumulated to a point where rescheduling is not practicable. In the extremely unlikely event that we are forced to cancel in close proximity to the event due to a change in Alert Level, then the following refund options will be applied:

a. If the cancellation occurs more than 14 days out from the event:

Option 1: 100% refund of entry fee (less applicable fees).  If you have a Full Season Entry, then we will calculate a proportional refund for you.

Option 2: Rider receives a Race credit for entry into Race 3 of the 2021/2022 season, or Race 1 of the 2022/23 season if you have a full series entry. No fees apply.

b. if the cancellation occurs less than 14 days out from the event 

Option 1: 50% refund of entry fee (less applicable fees).  If you have a Full Season Entry, then we will calculate a proportional refund for you.

Option 2 (only if we are outside of 6 days pre event): Rider receives a Race credit for entry into Race 3 of the  2021/2022 or Race 1 of the 2022/23 season if you have a full series entry. No fees apply.

  5. What happens if the event cancels (indefinitely) as a result of other factors outside of the organisers control?

According to the Terms and Conditions on our website and the Consumer Guarantees act, technically there is no obligation for the organiser to refund in this situation. However, in this extremely unlikely scenario, our approach would be to calculate the hard costs incurred to date, and issue a proportional refund to riders for the balance (rather than following the letter of the law). Again, our objective would be to avoid this situation and reschedule/postpone if we can reasonably do so. 

  6. What exactly are the “applicable fees” referred to above and in the Terms and Conditions?

Applicable fees include credit card / transaction fees, booking fees, and any hard event costs that have been incurred to suppliers/partners by the organiser at the time of cancellation or rescheduling. 

  7. How the heck is 'Race 3' the first round of the season? 

Ahem...indeed! The revised dates for the 2021/2022 season are 19 & 20 Feb 2022 / 10 Apr 2022 / 14 May 2022.  We think it’s particularly funny that the original “Race 3” is now the first off the block in Feb, “Race 1” is the second round, and “Race 2” is now the last round of the season, so once we’ve got to the end of the processing this batch of rescheduling requests, we will look to re-labelling the races to something that makes more sense for everyone.

  8. I am not happy with the approach that the 2W is taking on this, and I want out. What are my options?

Our standard Terms and Conditions on Refunds and Transfers apply. Refer to 


  9. What if I have a full series entry and can’t make the rescheduled date?

Refer to FAQ #3.

  10. I am in the vulnerable health category; how will you keep me safe?

We commit to only running a race in a manner that is compliant with Ministry of Health Guidelines, including the ever evolving Covid Alert Level Guidance and new Traffic Light System as it is implemented.

  11. How do I process a refund (and what are the terms and conditions that apply)?

Refunds can be processed up until 2 weeks out from Race day, but they will incur a $30 withdrawal fee. Please complete the refund form which can be found at

  12. I feel unwell, can I withdraw from the race? 

Yes - Please complete the form at A $30 withdrawal fee will apply. 

  13. Can I transfer to another race?

Yes, if there are spaces available.  A $30 transfer fee applies .


  14. Why can other events that are bigger than 2W still go ahead?

Events that are able to comply with government event guidelines and maintain “race bubbles” or ‘defined spaces’ are permitted to go ahead at Alert Level 2. Despite running multiple scenarios for the 2W race format, we do not feel that we are able to honour these guidelines in a way that aligns with our core values and the welfare of our participants.  We do look forward to the Traffic Light System being implemented so that we can get back to good times in the forest with you all.

  15. Why don’t you just hold the event in L2?

Having worked through multiple scenarios, we have not been able to sufficiently satisfy the government's guidelines and our teams core values whilst maintaining the integrity of the event for our riders. We will continue to run scenario planning sessions and may or may not be in a better position to operate at Alert Level 2 in future.  Again, bring on the Traffic Light System roll out.

  16. Will there be food?

As long as we remain compliant with MOH guidelines, yes! 

  17. Can I transfer my entry to someone else?

Totally, please complete the form by filling in your details at There is a $30 transfer fee to do this. 

  18. Who can I contact about this, it sucks.

Feel free to email the Event Director Craig Murray at

  19. I am from x publication, who can I talk to about the decision-making process? (Media Enquiry)

Feel free to email the Event Director Craig Murray at

  20. How will the shuttles run in L1 and L2?

Based on current information, Shuttles will be able to run at full capacity, but face coverings may be required. 

  21. Will the race be any different in an Alert Level 1 environment?

We aren't even sure that Alert Level 1 will continue to be an option at this time as we look ahead to the traffic light system and vaccination certification guidance rolling out.  For now a race taking place in Alert Level 1 will be the same as a regular Giant 2W Gravity Enduro, however, we will have an increase in sanitisers on site and will be encouraging everyone on site (riders, supporters, staff) to contact trace, wash hands, sneeze into elbows and stay home if they are feeling unwell. We strongly encourage the use of masks/face coverings also.