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Participants can transfer their race entry to someone else up until 7 days prior to the race in question. No transfers will be accepted within this 7 day period.  
Conditions of Transfer

  • The withdrawing athlete MUST fill out the form below.

  • A transfer fee of $30 must be paid by the withdrawing athlete.

  • Transfer can only be made to the same or lesser distance event.

How to transfer

  1. The athlete wishing to transfer their entry must fill out the transfer form below and included the name and contact email of the recipient of the entry.

  2. Once you have submitted your transfer request, you will be provided with account details to process the fee payment.   

  3. Once payment has been received then we will process the transfer.

PLEASE NOTE: UNLAWFUL RESALE OF ENTRY - As stated in the event terms and conditions you are not legally permitted to give your entry to another person or sell your entry to a third party regardless of the circumstances unless the above process has been completed and authorised by the event management.

Thanks! Message sent.

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